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Sell Your Used LEGO® Sets

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LivLegos will buy your LEGO® sets, all conditions, but we are only buying the lego sets that were more than $50 in the retail stores..


Selling your LEGO sets are simple. We will take care of everything: shipping, payment, boxing and cleaning.

You will always receive a good price, especially considering that your legos were sitting, unused and unwanted - let's make some money today by following these three simple steps..

1. Fill out the form to the right, you must have the set number (you can look it up online if you don't have the box any longer) so we know what it originally cost.  We will then ask any additional questions or send you a quote.  When we agree on the quote, this is a binding contract and we will owe you this money upon receipt and inspection of the package.

2. A package will arrive at your door in a few days, take your legos, stuff them in the package, and put the package on your doorstep for pick-up. 

3. Tell us your paypall information, if you don't have a paypall account sign-up here and send us your info - we will then transfer you the agreed upon money thru paypal.

Please complete the form to the below.


Currently, we can only serve sellers in the United States due to shipping expenses.